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holistic healing & Guidance

I offer all my sessions also in English!

reiki sessions

Benefit from a beautiful, harmonizing and rejuvenating Reiki Session with me in person in Vienna or as a distant Session wherever you are in the world!
Distant Reiki is just as powerful as in person!
I offer a short 30min Session and a longer 40min.

for best results I would recommend more reiki sessions within a month and of course there is a special discount

When you book 3 Sessions the regular price of altogether €225 is reduced to €200.

When you book 5 Sessions the regular price of altogether €375 is reduced to €340.

The price for 3 distant Reiki Sessions is only 135,-

offers & prices

40min Reiki Session

in person or distant Session

you are welcome to visit me in my sanctuary in the Heart of Vienna for 40min Reiki Session in person

incl. tee and cookies

we will have a chat as well and speak about whatever you feel to

we will also sit a bit in silence at the end to help integrate the process

Discount for more Sessions booked
(check packages)

Summer discount


Reiki – Coaching

In person or online

you are welcome to visiti me in my sanctuary in the Hear of Vienna

we will discuss and talk about whatever bothers you in the moment

incl. tea and cookies

we can send Reiki in the past or future to help resolve past situations or energize your goals and dreams

we will sit a bit in silence at the end to help integrate the process

Altogether 90min


individual talisman-painting

60min One on One Session

Getting crystal clear on your values, visons and goals

Creating an individual intuitive Talisman-Painting specific to your needs (30x40cm)


Home harmony

I am happy to bring purity and harmony with Reiki in your home or work place

Reiki can purify the energy of spaces and bring balance and goodness

just send me some details about the place and I’ll contact you shortly

starting at


Package 3 Reiki Sessions

3x40min Reiki Session in person
within 1 Month

valid only when paid in full in advance


Package 5 Reiki Sessions

5x40min Reiki Session in person
within 2 Months

valid only when paid in full in advance


what do people say?

“The Reiki Session with Mila was excellent! She was very welcoming, calm and with positive attitude.
Before starting she asked me some questions and I knew she was interested in helping me genuinely.
This was my first Reiki Session ever and the experience was extraordinary! The hands were warm and I could feel the energy coming out of them during the Session! I felt more calm, relaxed and one with myself, even after few days I would feel positive energy with me.
I totally and 100% recommend Mila and I will be coming back for another Session!”
~ Anang
“I had a reiki session with Mila and as one of my first sessions she made me really comfortable. She is easy to talk to and really helped me make connections. I recomend her for use in healing and coaching! I felt at ease that night more so than I usually would have. And days on I am feeling my stomach issues even lessen! Xo”
~ Cassandra
“The first time I met Mila, I was definitely in a place in my life where I had a ton of anxiety and was desperate to release the accumulated pressure over the last years. Mila was a truly gifted listener and spiritual counselor! Thank you so much for this great retreat – I enjoyed every minute, savored the free time and walked out of my first session feeling lighter. I was not sure at all what had just happened, but I knew I felt better. My mind couldn’t comprehend it, but I was very aware that my mind was relaxed and my body felt so much better. That’s when my journey with reiki began…”
~ Biser
“Before my first session with Mila, I know her already for some time and I know that she is a very special being: very kind, very open, radiating peace and silence.
She is also one of the few people I know, where there is so less ego coming out of her behavior.
After my first holistic healing session all of those qualities I know from Mila were making a deep impact in my healing process. First she listens so carefully to your situation and asking the right questions – she is getting quick and fast to the root of your problems and with this information she tunes in very well before she starts the reiki session. Even before the reiki session, I was feeling a different kind of energy level inside my body, but after reiki it was completely different and obvious, that she harmonize all aspects of my being – so Mila is for sure a great and true holistic healer! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

~ Michael

I am ready when you are!

Your magical life is right around the corner!